"Hot Dogger" Hoodies

It’s all about freeride skiing, winter in the mountains, and cowboy hats…


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Unisex Cotton Hoodie Hot DoggerUnisex Cotton Hoodie Hot Dogger
Unisex Cotton Hoodie Hot Dogger Sale priceFrom €52,90
Unisex heavy blend zip hoodie Hot DoggerUnisex heavy blend zip hoodie Hot Dogger
Premium eco hoodie The Skiing CowboyPremium eco hoodie The Skiing Cowboy
Unisex hoodie Hot DoggerUnisex hoodie Hot Dogger
Unisex hoodie Hot Dogger Sale price€56,90

The Skiing Cowboy Song

They call him the skiing cowboy
On the slopes he has the knack
Riding is what brings him joy
Mostly off the beaten track

No-one could tame or catch him
When he’s off in the wild
He’s up there every mornin’
Til’ « après-ski » closing time

( Chorus : )

Skiing Cooooowboy, Yippie aye oooh
He’s a roamer, always looking for fresh snow
Skiing Cooooowboy, Yippie aye oooh
Never gives a damn, riding is all he knows

The Skiing Cowboy