Who is Charlie?

Charlie Adam is a French illustrator & graphic designer, professional daydreamer, who lives and works in the French Alps.

He has been active for more than 25 years, creating designs which reflects his love of nature, mountains, travelling and humor.

His artwork is inspired by his everyday life in the mountainside, or by his various trips around Europe or America, and also by his regular collaborations with outdoor sports companies, tourism or advertising agencies.

Coming from a family of skiers and designers, he finds great inspiration in architecture, outdoor lifestyle, and fun moments of holidays and travelling memories.

America’s great open roads, wild nature and western pop culture have always been a big part of his imaginary world, and if he likes making up scenes and telling stories that come straight out of his mind, he loves travelling around, seeking to be living them for real. Or is it the other way round ?

Nostalgia, vintage, old school, retro, are his cup of tea, and whilst using modern digital tools to create his designs, he likes to make sure there is plenty of good old vibes and references to yestertime in them.

Charlie Adam works closely with Bungalow Graphics, constantly updating and developing new products to enliven your walls and bring colour and fun to your home.

Skiing Cowboy Neck Gaiter

Do you fancy the Skiing Cowboy Neck Gaiter ? Here it is.

Who is Charlie?